7 Benefits of Dental Laser Treatment

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That’s a great question!  Many people may not know that lasers provide revolutionary and painless options to kill harmful oral bacteria, plus they allow you to preserve teeth that may have been lost with standard periodontal disease treatments.  Using lasers represents the leading-edge treatment to fight periodontal disease.

These are some of the benefits of using lasers to treat gum disease:

  1. Eliminates bleeding of the gums IMMEDIATELY
  2. Seals deep periodontal pockets
  3. Eliminates cutting the gums, soreness and other discomfort caused by surgery
  4. Reduces or eliminates loose teeth
  5. Regenerates bone and ligament tissue
  6. Enhances the possibility of success
  7. Offers and easy solution in case of a setback

Our hygienist team are trained and certified in Laser Treatment.  Call our office today to discuss your options!


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