Discover a rewarding career in dental healthcare with our dental assisting program by Dr. Timothy Gardner! Gain hands-on experience, learn advanced techniques and receive expert mentorship from our renowned dentists in Montgomery, Texas. Join our program and unlock a world of opportunities to help patients smile brighter. To learn more about this program, call a member of our Conroe & Montgomery Comprehensive Dental Center team at 936-585-6611, or go ahead and fill out the form below to enroll!

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Fundamentals of Dental Assisting is a 10-week program and tuition is $3995.00 and includes all of the following:

  • Textbook: “Modern Dental Assisting,” Bird & Robinson: 13th ed(2012); Elsevier Publishing
  • All training and visual aids, materials and dental supplies used throughout the course
  • Use of all dental equipment and instrumentation with actual “hands-on” training during the course of study
  • Training in ALL aspects of general dental assisting, including dental specialties
  • All training is done by dental professionals in an actual practicing dental office, not just in a classroom

Student Responsibilities include:

  • Students are required to bring their own paper and pencils and one pair of solid colored scrubs to be worn to every class.
  • Students are required to attend all 10 weeks of class, totaling 80 classroom/hands-on hours.
  • Students must pass all exams and in-class requirements with 85% or higher grade to receive their fundamentals dental assisting certificate and letter of recommendation from the directors.

Tuition for Fundamentals of Dental Assisting may be paid using one of the following three payment options:
(Cost includes books and study material)

  • $3995.00 paid in full by cash, check or major credit card (credit card transaction fee applies)
  • $2000.00 down prior to the first week of class and $225.00 per week for 9 weeks (interest applies)
  • $1000.00 down prior to the first week of class and $337.00 per week for 9 weeks (interest applies)


Course Name: Fundamentals of Dental Assisting

  • Course Length: 10 weeks
  • Contact Hours: 80 clocked hours (40 lecture, 40 Lab)
  • Tuition: $3695.00

Other Expenses

  • Administrative fee: $100.00 (nonrefundable if student withdraws or is terminated after expiration of the 72-hour cancellation privilege)
  • Books*: $100
  • Supplies*: $100

TOTAL COST: $3995.00
*Fee is estimated and based on current cost and subject to change.

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