Another Satisfied Patient Talks About Her Experience with Our Dental Team!

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We are excited and grateful for Alicia’s review and it more than made our day! Her experience is what we mean by “Life Changing Dentistry”. We strive to provide our patients comprehensive dental care in a relaxed, comfortable setting, using the latest technologies and the best materials available. We apply the Golden Rule to everything we do.

Why suffer? Don’t let your waking hours be affected by poor sleep, headaches and migraines. From TMJ issues to sleep apnea, we offer treatments to relieve your symptoms and help you avoid future problems. You deserve to feel our best and be your best.

We warmly welcome patients of all ages and strive to provide a comprehensive approach to dental care. Our doctors are highly trained and able to take care of the majority of dental treatments under one roof. We are passionate about the art and science of dentistry.

Alicia D. Testimonial:

This dentist and staff are so knowledgeable that I learned my TMJ was the cause of a chipped tooth, years of trigger point pain, posture issues and the reason for my sleep apnea. Raye is the best at personalization of care that she put my blink 182 request on during my appointment and the hygienist cleaned my teeth without any harsh scraping.

Every time I come here, Dr. Gardner listens like a friend with such patience and genuine interest. He really does everything to both show and explain everything to me because he’s not giving anything but the best care to all patients.

From blankets to essential oil towels, being able to dial down anxiety with multiple options, to creating a sleep appliance (goodbye C-PAP), he has been routinely showing me the very best care any dentist ever has in my life!

Even the staff answering the phone know me personally and their attention to me by asking about my day shows why this really is the absolute best dentistry center in Montgomery County.

I used to see the wonderful, Dr. Guy M. Lewis, prior, and Dr. Gardner’s spa-like atmosphere meshed with state-of-the-art dentistry practices made my switch to him an easy choice.

I used to be afraid and dread the dentist.

This is – hands down – the place for you if you want only the very best! I can’t recommend Montgomery Comprehensive Dental enough!


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