Do You Use Mouth Rinse?

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As I’m sure you’ve heard, dental patients are always told to brush and floss every day. But are you using the third dental tool that often goes unused? Keep reading to learn more!

The Third Oral Health Tool

Mouth rinsing can be more than four times more effective than flossing for sustained plaque reduction above the gumline. Using a mouth rinse can also help prevent oral diseases, such as gingivitis, and has the ability to reach areas we can’t get to with manual toothbrushes alone. Using a mouth rinse along with brushing and flossing can be a very useful part of your daily oral care routine. But that’s not all. Mouth rinses can also freshen bad breath as well as tooth decay!

Better Oral Health

Mouth rinse can really improve your oral health, but if you suffer from dry mouth, mouth rinses can be dehydrating. In this case, opting for an alcohol-free rinse would help prevent that. Since mouth rinses can reduce the production of saliva and worsen your condition, consult with your dental health care provider for more information on the best mouth rinse option for your smile.

Canker sores can become irritated by mouth rinses as too much alcohol can be painful for these sensitive spots and open wounds. Using a mouth rinse containing enzymes can help promote moisture in the mouth. The good news is, you can consult your dental health care provider for the best type of mouth rinse for your needs.

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