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Here’s to Overall Health in 2019!


My biggest concerns for all of my dental family are diseases that affect us systemically. They include oral cancer, infections and nighttime airway issues. Here’s how I address these each of these health concerns:

Oral Cancer: At a minimum, oral cancer checks are done annually at your hygiene visits. I’ve surrounded myself with wonderful specialists in the event that anything even remotely suspicious is discovered. One American is diagnosed with oral cancer every hour. Early detection improves a patient’s chances, but the long term prognosis is not good.

Infections: Infections in the mouth come in two ways; infected teeth or infected gums. Infected teeth are painful and easily recognizable by the patient. They are also one of the biggest reasons a patient visits us for the first time. Infected gums are typically not painful, until the patient is nearing the point of losing a tooth (or teeth) due to bone loss. Gums that are swollen, tender, red or bleed when brushing or flossing are an indication of infection present. 

What both types of oral infections have in common is that they travel through the body and create other issues. These systemic links include heart disease, stroke, premature/low birth weight babies, as well as additional complications for those diagnosed with diabetes.

If you’ve been diagnosed (or suspect) that you may have an oral infection – do NOT delay!

Nighttime Airway Issues: Typically known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), untreated, it creates an increased risk for hypertension, atrial fibrillation, heart attack, stroke, obesity, day time sleepiness and depression, to name a few. Childhood symptoms include ADD, ADHD, bed wetting, daytime sleepiness (falling asleep in class, need for naps), etc.

The medical community believes that there are between 30-40 million undiagnosed sleep apneics. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is the treatment of choice, but studies show that 60-70% of patients abandon (or cannot tolerate) CPAP use. Oral appliances, like the ones created in our dental practice, are very effective in treating mild to moderate sleep apnea. I have actually seen success in treating several patients diagnosed with severe OSA.

If you suspect you or a loved one may be suffering from OSA, we will gladly do a FREE at-home sleep study! If you’ve been diagnosed, but cannot tolerate or use your CPAP, we’d love to discuss other treatment options.

Let us help you and yours make 2019 a year full of health!

We Want to Stand Out - For YOU!


In today's hustle and bustle, always on-the-go lifestyle, it's no surprise that people are always looking to get things done more quickly.

As corporate dental practices continue to pop up in the most convenient of places, it's important that our patients (and potential patients!) understand just what sets up apart. 

But don't take our word for it; here's what our patients who have visited corporate offices have to say: 

  • "I scheduled an appointment for a cleaning, but waited almost two hours before I was even seated! The worst part? The same thing happened to my husband a few days later." 
  • "Every visit there's a new doctor. I feel like treatment is always changing and I don't eve know the person digging around in my mouth."
  • "When scheduling I've had to call repeatedly and leave messages. When they do answer or call back, their hours are so limited that it's difficult to schedule. I don't know what would happen in a true dental emergency."
  • "The staff rarely make me feel like I'm more than a number. I imagine their turnover is high because it always seems like there's someone new and not quite trained." 
  • "I just had a crown done a few months ago and it's already giving me issues. I was told there's nothing that they can do and the crown will need to be redone - at full price!" 
  • "I visited Dr. Gardner's office after getting a treatment plan from a corporate office. Dr. Gardner's fee were lower!" 
Here's how we're different:

  • We value our patients' time. We do not double book and rarely do patients even find themselves with time to take a seat in our reception area.
  • Dr. Gardner has proudly served Montgomery County for 27 years. He and Dr. Romeo consider their patients extended family and enjoy hearing and learning about their personal lives. Continuity of treatment is incredibly important to both of them.
  • All patients are given the doctors' personal cell phone numbers in the event of any emergency. In addition, our phones are answered 24/7 by a friendly team member, not an answering service. Call by 12 pm and you'll be seen for a dental emergency the same day - guaranteed! We also proudly offer early morning and late afternoon appointments to accommodate even the most complicated of schedules.
  • We pride ourselves on our customer service. It is the goal of each team member to over-deliver and make sure that our patients have an exceptional experience in our office. We don't take hiring lightly - all of our team members are cross-trained to better serve you! 
  • Our doctors stand behind their work. So much so that as long as patients maintain their regular hygiene visits, work is Waran'teeth'ed a minimum of 5 years!
For more information please visit us at

To schedule your reservation please give our office a call at 936-585-4353

7th Annual Dentistry for Veterans


Dr. Tim Gardner’s, of Montgomery and Conroe Comprehensive Dental Centers,  7th Annual Dentistry for Veterans event Saturday, November 10, proved to be a success. More than $67,000 worth of free dentistry was performed on Montgomery County veterans.
Veterans were asked to make a pre-screening appointment to diagnose necessary treatment. Procedures done free of charge included, but were not limited to, cleanings, fillings, crowns, root canals and extractions. Their mission was to take care of any infections present and catch issues before they became painful.
 Volunteers included Dr. Michael Reece, Dr. Jaime Ramirez, Dr. Kim McBarnet, Rachel Jameson, RDH, Tenille Riley, RDH, Jennifer Nelson, RDH, Tiffany Whitley, RDH and area dental assistants.
 Dr. Gardner has always held the military in high regard and created this event to give back to those who have given so much to our country. To date the event has donated more than $467,000 worth of free dental care.

For more information please visit

Scholarship Opportunity for Dental Assisting Course


Is education just what the doctor ordered? That seems to be the case for Dr. Tim Gardner, D.D.S. of Montgomery County Dental Assisting School (MCDAS).

Dr. Gardner opened MCDAS in 2013 after becoming frustrated with technical schools offering dental assisting programs. He learned that students were paying about $6,000 for tuition and upon completion of the program had little to no clinical skills or experience.

MCDAS’s unique approach goes beyond book work, unlike the technical schools, and dives into clinical participation in an operating dental practice. This one-of-a-kind learning experience equips students with valuable skills and information they need to make an immediate difference in the dental field.

For the first time, the program is offering two full scholarships. Those who are interested are asked to write a short essay detailing what interests them about dentistry and why they would be a good fit in a dental practice. Submissions will be accepted via email at mocodentalassisting@gmail.comuntil Friday, January 18, 2019.

Montgomery County Dental Assisting School’s mission is to properly train and educate students in the art of dental assisting. Students can expect to receive personalized teaching in a small class setting, hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment and understanding of dental terminology. With the added flexibility of classes held on Saturdays for just 10 weeks, many have the opportunity to continue working while training for a new career.

For more information on the dental assisting program please visit  

7th Annual Dentistry for Veterans


Montgomery Comprehensive Dental Center, armed with staff and volunteers, is out to change lives by offering free dentistry to the veterans of Montgomery County as they host their 7th Annual Dentistry for Veterans event.

The event will take place Saturday, November 10, 2018 at the office of Montgomery Comprehensive Dental Center, at 951 Lone Star Parkway in Montgomery. Prescreening is preferred and those who qualify are asked to call beginning Monday, October 1 to make a pre-screening reservation.

The event will treat those who have honorably served in the U.S. Armed Forces. There will be no cost to those who show proof of military service. Procedures include, but are not limited to, cleanings, exams, extractions and fillings.

“I hold our military in very high regard,” Dr. Tim Gardner, owner and dentist at Montgomery Comprehensive Dental Center said. “Without them we would not enjoy the freedoms we have today. This is just a small way to give back to a great cause.” 

In 2017, Dentistry for Veterans donated more than $81,600 worth of free dentistry. Since creation of the event in 2012, Dentistry for Veterans has donated more than $400,000 worth of free dental care to community veterans. They hope to grow the event this year.

For more information please call 936-585-6656 or visit them online at 

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