TMJ disorders have a significant impact on your day-to-day life, affecting your ability to speak, eat, yawn and perform many other daily actions. Dr. Timothy Gardner and Dr. Todd Leiker provide TMJ treatment in Conroe and Montgomery, Texas, to restore your quality of life and improve your oral health. To schedule a consultation with our dentists and learn more about TMJ treatment, call our office today!

The joint connecting your lower jaw to your skull is known as the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, and issues originating with the function of this joint, whether they are a result of stress, injury or misalignment, are often referred to as TMJ disorders, or TMD. There are multiple factors that can contribute to a TMJ disorder, including whether you grind or clench your teeth, whether you have developed arthritis at that joint, or whether you have experienced a recent trauma or injury to your head, neck or jaw.

The main symptom of TMD is frequent pain in the jaw or face, but your TMJ disorder may also exhibit as:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Locked jaw
  • Pain while chewing and biting
  • Pain in the neck, shoulders or ears
  • Difficulty opening your mouth wide to speak, yawn or chew
  • Grinding, clicking or popping when you open and close your mouth

Once our dentists has helped you determine the cause of your TMJ disorder, they can recommend the most effective treatment for your situation. This recommendation will be informed by the cause and severity of the disorder. Some TMD treatments include jaw surgery, a mouth or night guard, lifestyle changes, or jaw and facial relaxation exercises. We may also recommend restorative dentistry if TMD has damaged your smile. To learn more about how our team can help alleviate the symptoms of TMD, call or visit our office today.

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