Are you done with suffering from debilitating headaches and migraines? We can help! Our caring dentists and team are committed to helping you improve your health and quality of life. We offer treatments for headaches and migraines in Conroe and Montgomery, Texas, to relieve your discomfort. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Timothy Gardner or Dr. Todd Leiker and learn more about headache and migraine treatment, call Conroe & Montgomery Comprehensive Dental Center today at 936-585-6611.

Are you frequently plagued by tension headaches or migraines? Do these debilitating headaches cause you to miss out on work, school or social gatherings? If you are experiencing such challenges, you may find relief through our specialized headache and migraine treatment at our office. Many individuals suffer from headaches due to a condition called bruxism, characterized by teeth grinding and clenching. The resulting stress and strain on the jaw and facial muscles can lead to intense headaches that significantly impact your daily life.

To alleviate your headaches, our skilled dentists may recommend a customized mouth guard, also known as a bite guard or night guard. This mouth guard is designed to fit snugly over your teeth, preventing grinding and clenching during sleep. By wearing the mouth guard at night, you can effectively prevent unconscious teeth grinding. Moreover, the bite guard can help position your jaw correctly, alleviating excessive strain and reducing the frequency of your headaches. Our dedicated team will ensure that your bite guard fits comfortably and functions effectively to address your headache and migraine pain.

To learn more about our headache and migraine treatment options, we invite you to contact or visit us today. We are eager to provide comprehensive care for you and your family, and our goal is to alleviate your pain and enhance your quality of life.

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