Our experienced dentists may recommend dental crowns to restore your damaged teeth. Crowns are designed to provide a long-lasting and aesthetic solution for your smile, and with our CEREC technology, we can even provide you with a crown in a single appointment! Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Timothy Gardner, Dr. Todd Leiker or Dr. Ken Ferguson and learn more about dental crowns in Conroe and Montgomery, Texas.

A dental crown, also known as a dental cap, can be used to address a number of dental concerns, and is commonly used as part of a restorative treatment. Each crown is custom designed to fit over the designated tooth, starting at the gumline, to restore its size, shape and strength. Dental crowns are often made of a porcelain material that matches the color and translucency of a natural tooth, but they can also be provided in gold or porcelain fused to metal. Our team can help you determine which type of crown is right for you.

We may recommend a dental crown to:

  • Enhance the beauty of your smile by improving a misshapen tooth.
  • Anchor and support a dental bridge.
  • Replace a tooth crown during a dental implant treatment.
  • Protect a tooth following root canal therapy.
  • Strengthen a weak or damaged tooth.
  • Support a large dental filling when little of the original tooth remains.

Traditionally, a dental crown would take two appointments to fit, create and place, however, our team is proud to harness CEREC one-visit restoration technology to offer same-day dental crowns, saving you time and giving you’re a complete smile faster. Our team will start by taking a digital impression of your smile which we will use to mill your custom dental crown in only a few minutes time. Once it is ready, our dentists will place the crown, ensure it fits your mouth correctly, bond it into place and polish it to a shine!

To learn more about same-day dental crowns, and to plan your visit with our team, call or stop by our office today!