Why Dental Assistants Are So Important

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Dental offices need dental assistants for many reasons. While we celebrate our dental assistants every day, we especially honor them in March as we celebrate National Dental Assistant Week each year!

Why Dental Assistants Are So Important to a Smoothly Run Practice

-Dental assistants can be great mind readers. They are typically one step ahead and know what the dentist needs before they even realize it. They are great at addressing the patients’ concerns and offer soothing reassurance when needed.

-Dental assistants are the behind-the-scenes heroes too. They prepare patient rooms and have everything needed before the patient even arrives.

-Dental assistants typically know all the nooks and crannies of the office. Nothing is really lost until a dental assistant has looked and cannot find it.

-Dental assistants make real connections with patients and are invested in everything about the patients. This includes trips they have recently taken, babies coming into a family and milestones that patients share with them during their visits. These relationships are sacred as they are welcomed by the patient and help forge a bond between them as the patients are at their most vulnerable in a dental office chair.

-Dental assistants also help to translate treatment plans and help patients to understand what is being prescribed for them. They have a gift of taking something that appears very complex and breaking it down into very relatable terms for patients to identify with.

-Dental assistants have a great ability to ease a patient’s anxieties. They help the patient understand the treatment and help the patient all at the same time.

Dental Assistant Appreciation

The next time you encounter one of our amazing dental assistants, please remember to thank them for playing such a vital role in our dental patients’ care. Drs. Timothy Gardner and Todd Leiker, along with the rest of the dedicated dental team, are proud that our assistants are a very crucial part of our patient care and are great team players. We look forward to assisting you with all of your dental needs!

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